Lawyers for elite football players

Leaders is Cresta’s exclusive legal counselling service for the world’s elite football players.


Shift the balance

Elite football players are global brands. Yet often their careers are controlled or decided upon by others. Without transparency, abuse is one step away. You cannot allow that. It is time to shift the balance and organize things differently.

Leaders raise their game

Power to the players

Players should always be in control of their career and the money involved. We make sure that all cards are on the table, so you can make your own choices. You decide.

Leaders take control

For players only

We are lawyers, which guarantees independency and transparency by law. We eliminate conflicts of interest because we only work for you, not for your club or agent at the same time. You need someone who defends your interests only.

Leaders want things clean

Example: When you transfer, your new club has a fixed budget for you, your former club and your agent. First, we make sure that you are aware of that budget. Next, we negotiate the biggest possible share for you (signing fee, salary and sell-on %). Finally, we push to have the right clauses in your contract.


Example: Taxes can be complicated, especially if you play abroad. We make sure that you don’t pay more taxes than needed or get unexpected claims. We are your single point of contact for taxes, insurance and pension, wherever your next club is located.


Example: Your father, mother, brother, sister, wife, girlfriend… might be taking care of certain aspects of your career or your investments. We set up companies to properly organize their compensation. We make sure that you stay in control.


Example: If your club tries to reduce your salary (cf. COVID-19), we stand up for you. If your club does not pay you, we go to FIFA. If an advisor takes advantage of you, we go to court.


Example: You are often asked to sign man- dates, authorizations, instructions etc… We investigate on the actions of your past and present advisors, so you clearly understand who represents you, what they can do, how much they cost and what added value they bring. We make sure no one takes advantage of you.


Your career-long legal counsel wherever you play.

What they say

Wish I had met these guys long time ago. Fighting for players is in their DNA
Testimonial by Stefan De Vrij
Stefan De Vrij
The best lawyers in the game
Testimonial by Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku
Very profound expertise and experience in football
Testimonial by The Legal 500
The Legal 500

Who we are

CRESTA is an international law firm that exclusively handles sports law matters. We are based in Brussels, capital of the European Union, and member of the International Association of Football Lawyers (AIAF). We combine over 40 years of experience as qualified lawyers, speak 5 languages and serve clients in more than 50 countries throughout the world. Our clients include winners of the Champions League, the Europa League, the NBA, EuroLeague, Olympic gold medals, Grand Slams and World Championships.

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