Samson Tijani signing with FC Red Bull Salzburg

✅ Samson Tijani, captain of Nigeria Super Eagles U17, signing with FC Red Bull Salzburg ⚽️ Legal assistance by CRESTA 👊

Successfully represented Stijn Morand in European Volleyball proceedings

  CRESTA successfully represented former coach Stijn Morand in European Volleyball proceedings client: Stijn Morand 🇧🇪 president VDK Gent Damesvolley opponent: Saint Cloud Paris Stade Français 🇫🇷 club dispute: overdue payables CEV: claim 100% granted

Christian Burgess signing with Royale Union Saint-Gilloise

✅ Christian Burgess signing with Royale Union Saint-Gilloise – Brussels from Portsmouth Football Club ⚽️ legal assistance by CRESTA 👊

Assisting Spirou Basket in signing Tim Lambrecht

✅ Spirou Basket Charleroi of EuroMillions Basketball signing Belgian Lions Tim Lambrecht via Tangram Sports Management 🏀 Legal assistance by CRESTA

Successfully represented Kim Mestdagh

Client: Kim Mestdagh, Belgian national team and WNBA player Opponent: Cukurova, Turkish basketball club Dispute: overdue bonuses BAT: claim 100% granted

Successfully represented Ana Grbac

Client: Ana Grbac, Croatian national team player Dispute: overdue payables CEV: claim 100% granted

Successfully assisted Philippe Montanier in signing as head coach of Standard de Liège

✅ Philippe Montanier signing as head coach of Standard de Liège ⚽️ legal assistance by CRESTA

Successfully represented Jerryd Bayless

  Client: Jerryd Bayless, US basketball player, former NBA Opponent: Sichuan Blue Whales, Chinese basketball club, CBA Dispute: contract termination BAT: proceedings avoided via amicable settlement        

Santilli and Oleni signing in South Korea

CRESTA assisted on the signing of head coach Roberto Santilli and assistant coach Francesco Oleni with Incheon Korean Air Jumbos. Roberto is the first ever foreign head in the South

REPLAY – Webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on basketball contracts and arbitration with the BAT

Watch the full recording of Cresta’s webinar of May 5, 2020 on the impact of COVID-19 on basketball contracts and arbitration with the BAT, that gathered +200 participants from +50 countries: Speakers: